~ Craftsmanship ~

The main characteristic of our products is the colouring on glass, called "Al Hambra", which is obtained by various baking processes, in high temperature fumaces, ising glass of various kinds or made up of different elements (quartz, siliceous-sodic-calcic, borosilicate, leaded..).

In our to better understand the secret of such colours, you can think of an alchemic process, result of many years of research, studies and devotion, which, through the "devitrification" and the "metalizzation" of the colour, gives the glass extraordinary reflections and chromatisms.

Drawing and moulds for the objects are handmade for each single piece. Therefore, the rare "imperfections" are quarantee of craftsmanship. This, within the daily research of the most harmonic shape, makes that piece absolutely unique.
Surely, it will never be the same for shape or colour, to any other article made by our workshop.

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