~ The History ~

Annarosa Antonello discovered the artistic glass in the 80ies, when she started attending an old artisan workshop, where they were alchemically experimenting with glass colouring at high temperatures.
Fascinated by those colours and by the research needed to obtain them, she began to co-operate with Master Marco Fasolato who used on glass amtique ceramic colours.
All began in 1400 when Master Giorgio Andrioli, who worked in Gubbio (Umbria - Italy), obtained, in the secrecy of his workshop, metallic reflections on ceramics and majolica of his own and of other productions.
This technique, which had been lost in time, brought to Master Fasolato a recognition from the Biennial Exhibition of Modern Art in Venice, in 1972.
Thanks to this co-operation, Annarosa Antonello started her adventure with the glass-material and this led her to discover pirex-glass colouring at high temperatures, thus producing artistic objects and lamps thanks to which her workshop became known in Europe as the only workshop in the world able to colour Pyrex glass at high temperatures (Coming Glass, the manufacturing Company supplier of the sheet of glass to Al Hambra, cared to advertise her throughout Europe).
But alchemic research never ends, so Al Hambra workshop continuously offers new articles: from small objects to window panes, to lamps: they can be found in the most famous public places, hotels, restaurants in Italy (especially in Venice), but also in Germany, Russia (window panes of Moscow Council and MoscowCouncil Theatre), Sweden, USA.

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